Zidane: "There are times when you have to be there and others when you have to leave for the good of all"

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Zinedine Zidane has taken a step in the messages that outline a 2021-22 season without him on the Real Madrid bench. It's not a resounding goodbye, but...

Future: "This answer is very boring. The truth is that there are two games left. I don't know what's going to happen. Anything can happen. This is Real Madrid. I don't see myself beyond the day-to-day. I take responsibility off myself because things get complicated. It's not like that. What I do, I do it to the fullest. There comes a time when you have to change because it's good for everything. There are times when you have to be there and others when that you have to go for the good of all".

How is Zidane?: "I'm like always, because I don't know what's going to happen in two or three years. I'm excited to see my coaches train, although sometimes I'm more serious. I'm lucky."

London: "It will always happen that there are disappointed people. Everyone wants to play. I understand that there are upset people. And I respect it. But that is part of the coach, of everyone. It will happen to them when they are coaches. The main thing is to respect the players, and I do it a lot. Everybody knows they're important."


Atlético: "We are going our own way, as always. We are going to give everything, which is what we have to do. We look at what we can control. We are worried about the rival, who is very good".

Prouder than ever: "Today I am more proud than ever of the team, because we have had many difficulties and strange things, that is why I may be more proud this year, although I have always been. For me the players are the most important thing. We know that we are in the best club in the world. I feel like when I arrived at the club. Here there is a lot of chemistry between the players, although there are critics".

Marcelo: "He's going to be there tomorrow, nothing bothers him now."

Kroos and casualties: "I'm very proud of the whole team. It was all backwards. We never stopped working. We've given everything. It's hell for a coach. It's the most difficult season. We've never stopped working."

How will the team come out in Bilbao? "What we are going to do is not going to change anything, we have to continue along this line. We have to go into the match well to do what we have in our heads".

Zidane: "There are times when you have to be there and others when you have to leave for the good of all"
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