Bronzini and Pantone together in Colombiamoda, color and happiness take the catwalk

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Medellín, Colombia, July 2016, Bronzini, the brand of underwear and pajamas with comfortable and fun garments, exclusive to the success group, joins Pantone and declared color as the king of everyday life with the launch of their new collection forthe second semester of the year;A fashion proposal for well -being identified by fun, comfort and color.

The ‘Seal’ Bronzini is evidenced in the proposal of combinations in pajamas and underwear connected through a fun chromatic line, and emphasizes the concept of characteristic color blocks of Pantone.The result of this creative exercise is a collection divided into three groups: man, woman and bathroom dresses with a tonal letter that radiates joy.

“The inspiration of this collection is the color, which is why we wantedUnexpected, irreverent and contagious mixtures with geometric prints, pixels and moles.This color game and mixtures refer us to the fun that characterizes Bronzini, and with which we want our clients to express and feel in their locker room - interior and exterior - the best mood: happiness as a permanent attitude in the different facetsof life, ”said Irina Jaramillo Muskus Textile Business Manager Success Group.

 Bronzini y Pantone juntos en Colombiamoda, el color y la felicidad se toman la pasarela

The infallible garments are the bras with contrast details and stamped pajamas, easily combinable with t -shirts and entire background pants.All, garments with comfortable silhouettes, achieved with cotton, viscous and microfiber bases, rich in trends information, and conceived to externalize the interior and reveal the colors we love.

The colors of the collection

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Bronzini and Pantone together in Colombiamoda, color and happiness take the catwalk
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