Juana Acosta's formula for success, in 15 looks explained by her makeup artist

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1/16 Juana Acosta makeup

Juana Acosta celebrates this November 28 her 42nd birthday. And she does it as one of the 'queens' of the red carpet in our country. The actress born in Colombia conquers her with her torn look and her marked cheekbones. There is no doubt that she knows how to make the most of her makeup, even improving over the years and proving that "40 is the new 20", both with her style of dressing, with which she highlights her statuesque figure, and with her beauty looks, many of which can serve as inspiration for our party makeup. From the eyeliner as the perfect frame for the eye to the lip in striking matte reds, we go over the keys to her best makeup looks with the help of her trusted makeup artist, Gabriel Llano.

2/16Juana Acosta makeup

A woman of clear ideas

According to makeup artist Gabriel Llano, the actress knows very well what style she likes, although she also follows the recommendations of the experts. "Juana is a woman who knows exactly what works for her and what doesn't. She has very clear ideas, but it is also true that when working, both with her stylist and with me, we reach a consensus on the look she is going to wear "he tells us. "Each one contributes their idea, sometimes it works, other times not so much... in the end it's about teamwork. When it comes to working, Juana allows herself to be advised, but she is also a woman with very clear ideas. And almost always, obviously, She makes the final decision."

3/16Juana Acosta makeup

Highlight your honey-colored eye

Her look is one of her hallmarks. "One of her characteristics is her beautiful feline eye, very slanted, which we often like to highlight in brown tones. She likes brown fumé, but suddenly for one night, we also play with that point of black eye that suits her so well and that highlights the honey color of her eyes", explains Gabriel Llano.

4/16 Juana Acosta makeup

The last touch of her is given by her

And, of course, her gaze shares the limelight with her lips, which on many occasions dyes a vibrant red tone. "Her characteristic red mouth also stands out," agrees Gabriel Llano, who reveals a curiosity to us: "She learned to outline her mouth better than any make-up artist can. She knows very well how to do it perfectly, she spends a good time on it I make her up, but she is always the one who ends up outlining the last touch".

5/16Juana Acosta makeup

Roses and 'nude'

These shades are also common on the actress's lips, especially when her gaze intensifies. Since her cheekbones are naturally high, the makeup artist always focuses on working on the eyes and mouth. "Juana's look is always a hit if we highlight those features," says Llano.

6/16Juana Acosta makeup

without fear of risk

Although black is usually one of her favorite tones to highlight her eyes, the truth is that sometimes she dares with other more risky nuances, like that touch of aquamarine blue on the bottom line. "She has days, everything depends a lot on the look of clothes that she chooses, but she is a woman who if she has to take risks, she is not afraid of it. But she is very clear about what is going for her", we Gabriel Llano tells.

7/16 Juana Acosta makeup

'Working with her is very easy'

What is clear is that Juana has an overwhelming personality that makes her the queen of the red carpet with her beauty looks. "Working with Juana is very easy, because she is very clear about what she likes and what she doesn't. When creating a look with a person who is so clear about what works for her, what doesn't, and what she feels comfortable, it's wonderful. And besides, it's a beauty, it's all easy, "says her trusted makeup artist.

8/16Juana Acosta makeup

shock look

The actress, with a look in which her gaze again takes center stage, this time with a touch of gold in the tear duct and a bluish-green shadow on the lower eyelid.

9/16Juana Acosta makeup

Suddenly the blue

On many occasions she likes to play with the bright tones in her eyes, combining them with black. A blue line under the water line is the main protagonist this time. A good idea if you want to add a touch of color to your look.

10/16 Juana Acosta makeup

blush peach

A subtle touch of blush on the cheeks is another of the keys to her makeup, as in this image, in which we can see her opting for a lipstick in a pink tone, choosing not to combine it with the red of her sweater .

11/16Juana Acosta makeup

facelift effect

The look framed in black, torn, deep. There is no doubt that Juana knows how to take advantage of her eyes. In this case, by combining that makeup with the polished bun, she achieves a very flattering lifting effect.

12/16Juana Acosta makeup

winning bet

On other red carpet dates, Juana prefers the classic elegance of a center parting and red lips.

13/16 Juana Acosta makeup

'Eyeliner' + red lips

She does not hesitate to combine two of the makeup classics: black eyeliner, framing the eye with rouge lips, achieving authentic diva looks, ideal to imitate on your upcoming party nights.

14/16Juana Acosta makeup

strawberry lips

Here we see her with tanned skin, with a touch of peach-toned blush that highlights and defines her cheeks. But her absolute leading role is taken, once again, by her lips, this time in a very striking fuchsia pink.

15/16Juana Acosta makeup

hollywood style

The actiz, combining two basics that always work: waves in the purest Hollywood style with red lips.

16/16 Juana Acosta makeup

looks to remember

One of the make-up artist's favorite looks is this one from the 2014 Goya Awards gala, which Gabriel Llano remembers for the whole outfit, with the Zuhair Murad dress, long wavy hair and a maroon mouth. "I have many looks that have been incredible and important to me in his career," he tells us.

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