Professional siren denounces harassment during your workday

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A professional model has revealed that, although she loves her job as a siren, a problem that is recurring is when men flirt while she does her job.

Felicia Flaherty, 26, from Maryland, United States, embarked on the unusual underwater race eight years ago.

In addition to being a model and actress, it acts for shows in tanks in the United States, even spends thousands of dollars to become the perfect fin.

While most people are excited to see them act, Felicia said there are those who "excite too much".

He often becomes harassing by men, and flirting with her while working, she commented: "It can be very uncomfortable".

"We even have a term that we use for people who are too interested in sirens, we call them‘ Merverts' (Mermaids-Perverts) ».

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"However, we are professionals and many times we are trained in performance and improvisation, so we can handle these situations or draw attention to our‘ merter ’or companion," he said.

"It is not certain that a siren acts or appears without a trustworthy person for that reason".

Sirena profesional denuncia acoso durante su jornada de trabajo

People travel throughout the country to see Felicia and their colleagues and most of them are delighted to immerse themselves in the magic of visual illusion and the striking dances that it makes underwater.

"If someone runs into us, it usually says nothing or attempts‘ trollear ’, but they ask many strange or inappropriate questions," said the professional siren.

Easternly explains that they are not alone, "that is why we have‘ pirates ’or‘ Mer-Wranglers ’in our experts in improvisation to divert those individuals".

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Felicia's outfit and performance are so convincing that many people think it is a true mermaid.

«The joy on children's faces is amazing.Even some adults stay and look a while and seem quite convinced, ”says the young model.

«Everything is reduced to how a‘ real siren ’is defined.I live in the depths of the ocean and attract sailors to death?.No, however, I enjoy water and I have the vocation to protect the ocean ».

"I also have a tail, swim very well and spend time above the average underwater!"I point happily.

"I think the professional sirens" are "true sirens, you just achieve that state training and not being born in the ocean".

Felicia acts mainly in live tanks, from a four -to -eight tank to huge tanks on the side of a building for a live presentation.

She has a custom silicone tail, which can range between 2 thousand dollars (42,700 Mexican pesos) and 10 thousand (214 thousand pesos), and it has cost him 2,300 dollars (50 thousand pesos) after a discount'.

After years of hard work, the 26 -year -old is now very recognized in the industry, since Miss Mermaid USA was recently crowned, after competing in the national contest.

Felicia had to compete in a long distance swimming, a creativity competition in which they had to do their own tops and a traditional competition of night clothing.

They also had to compete in underwater modeling, where each contestant had to pose everything I could and then gave a score to their photographs.

"I won a national competition that was really great, I had not done competitions before, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine all my skills," said the beautiful mermaid.

To conclude counting: "Then, once a date is decided, they will take me by plane for the international competition, which is still being determined".



Professional siren denounces harassment during your workday
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