Summer trends to carry in the vacation suitcase (in the north)

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By María JoséPérez Méndez

And in the suitcase to any destination any destination, but that which mixes the sea, the mountain and the changing temperatures seems more than appealing.Versatile at the aesthetic level, too

Making a vacation suitcase can put the great aesthetic dilemma ahead: do I put those summer trends that are a visual revulsion or those basic pieces that form the capsule closet and guarantee a large amount of looks?Logically, there is no single valid response, but that which makes balances between one and the other may be the most equitable: yes, in a vacation suitcase there should be versatile garments that save a thousand and a different situations, but also concessionsto the trends of summer and turns of here and now.After all, we talk about a long -awaited free time, a time when aesthetic experimentation is as desired as desirable.

This season, that implies the union of apparently opposite pieces that, however, make up a coherent speech: chubasqueros and bikinis that share a glitter yellow color, bathtubs that are covered with special sweatshirts, dresses and skirts that refers more or less explicitlyTo the sea, light parkas and jerseas of cashmere for when temperatures fall and complement themselves with bath clothes and buckt hats ... the key?Play with color palettes and have some mastery when running the layering.

Tendencias de verano para llevar en la maleta de vacaciones (en el norte)

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Tendencias primavera-verano 2021

Summer trends to carry in the vacation suitcase (in the north)
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