The ideal virtual style for you according to your zodiac sign

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Each sign has a different look, even for the virtual world! Check what your ideal style is

What are the accessories and clothes that fit you best in the virtual world? According to the day you were born, there is a style that suits you more than others, tell us what your zodiac sign is and we will tell you which look is ideal for you! Get pretty for Zoom...

By Dhyana Angelica Rodriguez

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The style that suits you best according to your zodiac sign


Your look is casual but with a special touch. Since your sign rules the head, an original hairstyle or accessories such as brooches, headbands, bands or scarves, not forgetting earrings look great on you. Light colors in clothes are flattering on you, especially yellow, orange, pink, and blue. Also sportswear.


Although you don't love makeup, you know how to show off your natural qualities, highlighting one area at a time (such as the eyes or lips). Your look has a tender touch that is noticeable not only in your clothes, but also in your accessories. You may like kawaii drawings on your t-shirts.


You take your time getting ready, whether it's live or on Zoom. Taurus's area is the neck, so necklaces and pendants will look amazing on you. Something else you love to highlight are your eyes. In contrast, light lipsticks or a pink gloss will be perfect.

El estilo virtual ideal para ti según tu signo del zodiaco

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You're a natural, so if you're running late for a Zoom, you'll have no problem going out with a clean face. But, if you have more time, experiment with makeup, discovering what works best for you. For clothes you like light tones. You make yours the saying: “Of fashion what suits you”.


You like to stand out and surprise, so you wear original outfits that are difficult to copy. You are not afraid of big or flashy accessories, nor of bright tones in both clothing and makeup, which look great on you. As a fire sign, gold, orange, yellow and red tones suit you perfectly.


You are a simple girl whose best accessory is her smile. Therefore, trying different shades of lipsticks is fun for you. In clothing, you prefer a clean, uncomplicated look. Although when you have to look formal, you stand out for your good taste in combining colors.


You are meticulous in your appearance and you usually save your sisters, cousins ​​or BFF with your cosmetic bag where you usually bring everything: nail clippers, eyelash curler, lip balm, even Band-Aids! In both clothes and makeup you have the gift to mix color.


You like to look cool and according to the occasion. Sometimes you copy the look of the famous, and you succeed!, but you are also able to recreate a natural style. You're unlikely to be seen looking hot, unless you're caught just waking up (your pajamas will still look stylish!). Getting ready lifts your spirits.


You hate suffering for beauty, so don't overcomplicate yourself for your look. As long as you feel comfortable and like yourself is more than enough. That's fine, except when you want to try new styles. If you dare to some suggestions you may discover things that you like.


You are not afraid to be original or follow trends, so you draw a lot of attention. You may have an unconventional haircut or eye makeup, but it suits you perfectly. You combine colors well and you can give life to old clothes that apparently are out of season.


You have a sweet and careful look, with equally cute accessories, such as bracelets or bands. In the present time of contingency, you even customize your mouths. The area that governs your sign is the feet, so you will choose shoes that, in addition to being comfortable, reflect your style.


You have a gift for dressing and applying makeup with unique results. Some could try to copy your look without success, because you use a discreet and well-crafted style. You have the perfect eye to choose your clothes and carry in your bag what is just and necessary. As a bonus, you are also very photogenic.

The ideal virtual style for you according to your zodiac sign
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