Tiktoker recorded the mountains of clothing in the Atacama Desert: There are garments even with a label

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An Argentine journalist witnessed the tons of discarded clothing in Alto Hospicio.

The arid Atacama Desert has become the scene of an image that is hard to believe. Near Alto Hospicio is one of the largest clandestine clothing dumps in the world, with new clothes that even have their label, which are already part of the dirty landscape.

According to information collected by BioBio , these clothes made in China and Bangladesh enter the country through the free zone known as "Zofri" in Iquique and generate about 39,000 tons of garbage each year.

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An Argentine journalist and popular tiktoker named Jason Mayne came to the scene to portray this reality and try to make his followers aware of the environmental damage caused by the textile industry in the so-called "fast fashion".

Here, he was able to verify that along with the natural mountains that the desert houses, there are real mountains of clothing with most of the garments in good condition, and some even with a label.

“Yes, what you are seeing is post (real), there are at least 100 thousand tons of clothes, a lot of new clothes, with labels,” comments the content creator, perplexed.

In the company of Franklin Zepeda, CEO of Ecofibra, they explain that a new pair of jeans needs about 7,500 liters of water to be manufactured, "what a person consumes in 7.5 years."

Mayne met a group of young Venezuelans who came to the place in search of new clothes, showing the lives of people who do not have great purchasing power and have to resort to this so-called waste to survive.

According to the UN, global clothing production doubled between 2000 and 2014, becoming responsible for 20% of total global water waste.

They also indicate that the manufacture of clothing and footwear generates 8% of greenhouse gases, because "every second an amount of textiles equivalent to a garbage truck is buried or burned."

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Tiktoker recorded the mountains of clothing in the Atacama Desert: There are garments even with a label
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