The ten Top manicure trends for this fall: from colors to techniques

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We are already in full autumn and we have our closet about to show off our favorite trends of the season.So it is time to complete our daily looks with some of the manicures that take the most these months.Among the most prominent colors is green, in all its shades, or chocolate.And the techniques, one more season, are as varied as appetizing.

Here are all the trends in manicure for this fall, although we warn you that it will cost you to decide for only one, and most likely you want to pass from one to another on different occasions.And it does not miss us the least, because we also feel like trying them all.

Manicures with point

Minimalist manicures have been among the favorites, and those who have a single point occupy the first place.In such a small detail a manicure full of style is achieved, and that allows you to test with points of different colors and places of the nail.

Carey effect

This trend is positioned as one of the most top of autumn.It is original and resounding, without being loading.In fact, the result is super elegant and you can also carry this print throughout the nail, or only in a part of it, as a French manicure.

The eternal nude tones

Making manicure does not always have to be with a striking design or color.If you want to bring arranged nails but with discretion, nothing better than choosing a classic nude tone.It is always a successful option and you will be impeccable.

Inverted French manicure

Las diez tendencias top de manicura para este otoño: de los colores a las técnicas

One of the most demands in recent months seems to be willing to stay.The French manicure has definitely renewed and the most original way to carry it is with the inverted design, where the color it highlights is in the lower crescent of the nail.

Green manicures

This fall you can carry your nails in different colors, but there is a clear winner and it is green.In addition, not a specific green, but in any of its possible shades.So it is difficult for you not to find the one that goes with you the most, although we warn you that the dark green is the one that all the compliments among the expert Beauty is taking.

Animal Print manicures

The print animal has established itself as a timeless print that we cannot dispense with our favorite clothing.But now we want more, and with the manicure we can take advantage of the entire rollazo that this print has taking it at all hours.

Manicures with crystals

Get the most cool and sophisticated manicure thanks to glass applications in mini version.You can opt for transparent or colored crystals, take them only in some fingers or in all, or put them instead of the enamel in an inverted French manicure.If what you want is to shine, you will not miss ideas.

Chocolate manicures

Next to the green nails, you have chocolate as the most trendy hue for impeccable manicure.In addition, you can create as much addiction as the real chocolate, because it combines so well with everything and is so elegant that you will not want to stop taking it in a long time.

Manicure ‘wavy’

The one that seemed a summer trend is still present this fall, ready to demonstrate that it is perfect to take all year.The Wavy manicure consists of painting the nails with waves of different colors, giving them that seventies that is so fashionable this season.

French colored manicure

We have already said that the French manicure has experienced a true renewal, and one of the most fun and current forms of carrying it is painting the upper part in all types of colors, which you can combine if you want at the same time, and that as you see it remains of Wonderful.



The ten Top manicure trends for this fall: from colors to techniques
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