These are the 35 sponsors that Neymar could lose after being accused of rape

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Mastercard has just distanced itself from Neymar by canceling an ad campaign featuring the Brazilian star, who has been accused of rape. "We have a series of marketing actions planned for the duration of the competition, we have decided to stop all activations that include the ambassador, as long as the problem is not resolved," the brand said in a statement.

Mastercard is the first brand to suspend its collaboration with the Brazilian soccer player, since the complaint filed last Friday by a young woman in Brazil.

Another of Neymar's sponsors, Nike, announced in a statement that it was "very concerned" about the case and would "continue to monitor the situation closely." In 2011, Neymar signed an 11-year contract with the American manufacturer of sports equipment for 1 million dollars (about 890,000 euros) a year.

According to Forbes magazine, Neymar earns around €80 million a year, including €15 million from his endorsement deals. This rape allegation could reduce his revenue if the brands ultimately end their collaboration with Neymar for fear of a negative impact on his image. In fact, Neymar has 34 other sponsors associated with his name: clothing brands, fast food, cars or beer.

His latest sponsorship, formalized on April 25, is with the perfume brand Diesel (belonging to the L'Oreal group). Neymar is an ambassador for the brand and has a perfume with his effigy, baptized as The Spirit of the Brave, which he himself created with the teams of renowned perfumer Carlos Benaïm.

These are the other 35 sponsors who could also distance themselves from the Brazilian star, according to the list compiled by The Sun and presented in alphabetical order:

Ab Inbev, the largest multinational beer company

AB InBev

AB InBev

These are the 35 sponsors you could lose Neymar after being accused of rape

Arco Egyptian Bank

Japanese mattress manufacturer Air

Air Jordan shoes

ric_man (talk)/Wikimedia Commons

The National Bank of Qatar

Trinidad/Wikimedia Commons

The Beats by Dre Headphones

Beats by Dre/Twitter

The multinational textile company C&A

Roger Randerson/Wikimedia Commons

Cafés Pilão

Pilão Coffees

Cerveja Proibida, subsidiary of AB Inbev in Brazil

Forbidden Beer

Brazilian technology company Digible


The Diesel perfume brand

Video game developer and distributor Electronic Arts


Italian luxury watch brand GaGà Milano

GaGà Milano

Gillette, Procter&Gamble's men's grooming subsidiary

Sergio Savarese/Wikimedia Commons

Brazilian airline Gol

The NGO Handicap International, dedicated to facilitating the schooling of children with disabilities

A Geneva/Flickr

Brazilian vehicle battery manufacturer Heliar

Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda

GabboT/Wikimedia Commons

The multinational toy company Mattel


Brazilian comic artist Maurício de Sousa



Joiarib Morales Uc/Unsplash

Chinese snack maker Mr. Z


Nike, manufacturer of the kit for the Brazilian national team and its team, PSG


Chinese technology company Oppo

The Italian publisher dedicated to Panini collectible stickers


Proibida nº 10, beer brewed in Brazil by AB Inbev

Forbidden Beer

Red Bull energy drink distributor

Red Bull

Italian fashion brand Replay


The Brazilian online investment platform Rico


Brazilian flooring and covering manufacturer Romancer


Brazilian pharmacist Sidney Oliveira

Sidney Oliveira

Brazilian game developer Skillab

Google Play

Chinese multinational electronics company TCL


Brazilian publisher Universo dos Livros

Universe of Books

American online retailer Wish


These are the 35 sponsors that Neymar could lose after being accused of rape
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