Ben Whishaw and Q the other Bond character with more style

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Ben Whishaw tomó el manto de Q, el oficial de intendencia, desde la tercera cinta de Daniel Craig, mostrando un lado más fresco del MI6.

Por Alonso MartínezBen Whishaw y Q el otro personaje de Bond con más estilo Ben Whishaw y Q el otro personaje de Bond con más estilo

Ben Whishaw as was one of the best casting elections that were held in Daniel Craig's era as James Bond.Throughout these tapes, new versions of characters that we already knew (such as Eve Moneypenny or Blofeld) were established with a turn that made them more interesting and realistic within the narrative of the tapes, and while Q was a relatively interesting characterIn the first works, Whishaw's choice gave the entire Bond atmosphere, even the second best dress after 007, at least in a completely different sense.

Ben Whishaw: The definitive Q

Which appears for the first time in Skyfall, third film by Daniel Craig, meeting with the secret agent in a museum.Whishaw wears a fish tail parka covering what appears to be a more formal suit.That and a hairsty.This was part of what the costume designer Jany Temime had thought, looking for man to look like a nerd of computers but in a luxury face, which could only be described as "Geek Chic", nothing similar to Bond's look.

In the next scene we see it with an outfit that separates it from the rest of the team with a cardigan Café Dries van notten with front closure, a Zara tie, a Reiss shirt and Hentsch Manof "Geek Chic".Whishaw, despite looking alien to the stage, fits by clothes, in addition to increasing this sense that technology belongs to youth.

Ben Whishaw y Q el otro personaje de Bond con más estilo

For Specter, use a Parka Canada Goose covering a striped watch misessi nothing cheap.The outfit stands out further by the Beanie hat than in that point even looks like a joke in front of the sophistication of Bond, showing another type of high level.Then we see it with a Billy Reid Astor coat really being one of the best pieces that the character used with a long scarf that even seems tribute to Doctor Who.

In No Time to Die, Sutirrat Anne Larlarb was in charge of the locker.Regarding this, the expert said: "It could be High Fashion, but it could also be a meeting of a savings store," and that could be what defines the Whishaw outfit, which - raising inside the millennial - represents the changeFashionable in recent decades, with high-level garments returning to the past with vintage styles (which seea high -level designer.

On the other hand, Ben Whishaw also represents how the technological era moved away completely from the custom of costumes and elegance.The influence of Silicon Valley, the hipster era and more converge at this high -level point, and the actor is really the perfect model, even being an unlikely companion for the protagonist.

Otherwise, away from fashion, Whishaw defined a character as more sentimentally involved due to the friendship that is generated from the first film in which he appears until the end of no time to die.He himself has affirmed that he does not believe he returns to the franchise, however, we can see how the influence of what he has defined will continue to close Q in the past.

Ben Whishaw and Q the other Bond character with more style
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