What should (and not) use in a label event?

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Black Tie
¿Alguna vez te ha llegado una invitación con la leyenda “de etiqueta”? Te explicamos que debes usar en esos casos.

Por Paloma González¿Qué debes (y no) usar en un evento de etiqueta? ¿Qué debes (y no) usar en un evento de etiqueta?

A label event requires a more elegant look if you don't want to be the worst dress in the place.

Everyone has happened to them, a friend, cousin, brother or familiar will marry and decides that his big day will be a “label” event, and that only complicates everything when choosing what they will use.

The invitations that carry the legend of "label" (either for a wedding, a prize ceremony or a special event) always causes small panic attacks in people, that is because everyone knows very well what it means that it will be aVery elegant event and that putting on a basic suit is not the best option (you can do it, but you will see yourself out of place).

If the invitation comes to you, it is likely that you will pass questions as I need a tuxedo?What kind of tie should I use?Should I use a lot of gel in my hair?Do the socks that use are tag shoes?Or what is "label" exactly? And you are not the only one that happens to this.

In the most casual events you have more space to play with your clothes, you can wear a black suit, navy blue or dark gray and nobody will see you strange if you decide not to wear a tie, but the label events have a lot of protocol and you have tofollow him to avoid looking like a cast, a waiter or that person who simply did not understand where they had invited him.Highlighting for this reason is not exactly good and, although it is not the end of the world, you can make you feel uncomfortable during the entire event.

What exactly is a label event?

According to fashion and protocol experts, a label event can be from an awards ceremony, an important graduation, an important birthday party (such as your dad's 60 birthday), a spectacular wedding or a prestigious gala dance(such as the Met Gala or the Annual Party of a Business Club), which are events that require that you put a little more effort in your appearance and use your best costumes, shoes and accessories, always maintaining an elegant and sophisticated tone.

¿Qué debes (y no) usar en un evento de etiqueta?

Lo interesante del código “Black Tie” está conectado con la llegada de la corbata negra en 1885 y a ese momento en el que Eduardo VII cambió su frac por una chaqueta de esmoquin de seda azul con pantalones a juego, hechos por el legendario Henry Poole & Co de Savile Row, para tener una alternativa un poco más cómoda y relajada, en realidad era un estilo menos formal, pero después llegó al Tuxedo Club en Nueva York y poco a poco se fue convirtiendo en lo que conocemos hoy.

What should you use in a label event?

La dinner jacket

Think about Sean Connery with that white sack in James Bond movies.This type of sack usually has the silk flap that can have three different types, the notch style flap, the peak flap and the chalap, this being the most traditional and easier to use.Traditionally, it was used in a very dark blue color, but you can use black, white or even green.

Los pantalones

No Chinese, here you must wear formal pants, which must be dark and perfectly well constructed and adjusted to your body, in addition to combining with the bag

La camisa

This is where you need a “shirt dress”, which traditionally goes pleated, with winged neck and holes for cufflinks in the sleeve.If you are going to use a fajín, you must carry black buttons;If you go with vest, the buttons can be white.

Los zapatos y las calcetas

The shoes you always wear with your costumes are not enough, you need better quality and polished leather shoes, and if you are a little more adventurous you can wear velvet loafers (the Suede is not a label material).When to the socks, you need some of a lighter and preferably black material so that they do not attract too much attention.

La corbata

This is the event in which you need a bow tow like those of James Bond in those scenes in which it appeared at the holidays in the casinos.You can use several colors, but as a general rule it is better to avoid white, which is reserved for White Tie.Your tie has to be one of those that require you to make the knot by hand (no clips, please) and you can only go without a tie (which is called “Air tie”) if the rest of your outfit is completely perfect and balanced.

Un fajín

This is not complete.

Los accesorios

The clock must be thin, with leather strap and gold cover, the cowgirls must be simple and elegant, the pocket handkerchMay your hair cover your face.

Lo que no debes usar

Dirty, spent or Suede shoes (either tennis or boots), an informal buttons shirt, a basic suit, too colorful socks or striking and exaggerated accessories, otherwise the elegance effect will be lost.

What should (and not) use in a label event?
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