7 things you can do to become irresistible for women

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¿Quieres convertirte en uno de esos hombres que las vuelven locas? Haz unos cambios pequeños en tu vida.

Por Paloma González7 cosas que puedes hacer para volverte irresistible para las mujeres 7 cosas que puedes hacer para volverte irresistible para las mujeres

The dictionary defines the irresistible word as "something that is impossible to reject or avoid", this can be a meal (that chocolate cake that you know should not eat), an experience, an offer (such as when you find your favorite jeans in halfprice) or a person.In the latter case, it refers to a man or woman whocapts all eyes with just entering a room and that seems to get how much man or woman who intends to conquer.

Brad Pitt is irresistible (not all have a SAG to put on Tinder's profile), Pierce Brosnan is also, but you don't have to be a famous actor or a successful millionaire to become one more from the select club, you just have to pay attentionTo your life and make small settings that make the trick.

Becoming an irresistible man is not a matter of luck, everyone has the potential, but few know how to exploit it or believe that they do it when they actually get the opposite effect, and that is where the advice, recommendations and opinions of the public you are looking for incaptivate: women.

Now, there are millions, no, billions of women in the world and almost all of them want something different in life, but you start asking several, and you really listen to what they say, you can discover that there are a few characteristics, thanThey go beyond the physical, which make them consider a man, as the dictionary says, impossible to reject or avoid.

Each person can be attractive (again, we do not talk about the physical, there is not much that you can do in that area, unless you want to operate your face), that does not mean that everyone is and that is why somePeople seem to have the worst luck in the issue of citations and relationships (thinking that it is luck is part of the problem).

If you really want to be irresistible, these are some things you can do (and that thousands of women love).

Define tu look

7 cosas que puedes hacer para volverte irresistible para las mujeres

You should know that your clothes say a lot about you and that it is a reflection of your personality.A bad man dressed or without his own style is less interesting than one who dares to use what he likes, to experiment within his personality and who does not intend to become someone else wearing clothes that do not combine with his lifestyle and clearly notIt makes him feel comfortable.

It is important that you learn to dress for your body type (not for the celebrity that inspires you) and find the hairstyle and cut that favor you, that will give you an advantage.At least you will cause a good first impression.

Toma el control del lugar en el que vives

It doesn't matter if you live in a small apartment, in a rented room or in a huge house.Every person who takes that space will be able to see everything you have there and how careful you are with your things.That is why you must make sure you do the place and that there is nothing out there that you can send the incorrect signals (such as a dead rat, for example).Having a good or badly careful house will have a great impact on what women think about you.

Establece metas para el futuro

You do not need to be the CEO of your own company at this time to be attractive, but women find more attractive to determined men and with a life plan.Nobody wants to have a partner who cannot even keep herself, but that can be forgiven when it is clear that you will not be there forever and that you are in control of your own future.

Dos palabras: blow job

Focusing only on your own pleasure definitely does not make you irresistible.Women are as interested in sex as men and are tired of men who believe that the missionary's position is the only thing there is, taking their pleasure seriously increases your attractive points.

Aprende a comunicarte

The stereotype that men must be serious and swallow everything they feel only makes you look distant, and it has surely caused you many problems in previous relationships.Part of being irresistible is knowing how to say what you want, what you like, you don't like or worry, that sends the sign that you are really interested in making things work.

Controla tus emociones (en especial tu enojo)

No, nobody wants to wake up next to Tyler Durden from Fight Club, and they don't want to be the person by covering their face because of the shame that his appointment is screaming at the waiter because his salad is not green enough.A controlled temperament is much more attractive.

Respétate a ti mismo

Respect is the first step to treat yourself, and if you treat yourself well, you can also do it with others, and that is something that every woman looks for a couple potential.

7 things you can do to become irresistible for women
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