The style tricks that Berliners teach us to look warm and stylish

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Going warm without losing style is possible, promised. Surely if you have been tempted to click on this article it is because you are looking for inspiration to formulate your best winter looks in a casual key. Well, you've done the right thing, because we're sure you're not going to leave here without -at least- one set saved in your inspiration folder. You'll thank us later.

The cold months are very elegant when it comes to fashion. Leather garments, with fur, high boots, turtleneck sweaters, knitwear... It's time to show off all these pieces and create looks worthy of impact. However, when it comes time to set foot on the street is where the problems really appear.

One of two. Either you go out with an outfit worthy of an expert, but with which you freeze, or you decide to bet on well-being and opt for a super warm outfit that leaves much to be desired. No choice.

It is very difficult to find the perfect winter outfit, but for that we have our dear German fashionistas cold experts. The Berliners stand out for their brilliant ideas to dress in the coldest times of the year with looks with a cool and relaxed essence. Reason why they are the most admired women for their style. Comfort, functionality, and its commitment to basic wardrobe garments is the perfect definition of inspiration.

In this way, we have decided to make a compilation of the 10 best basic (and warm) looks of Berlin street style to look like a prescriber.

Lapel collar coat + basic sweater + leather pants + high sock loafers

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Leather is one of the warmest and ideal fabrics to wear in winter. In addition, not because the temperatures are lower you have to opt for totally closed shoes, you can opt for elegant moccasins combined with long socks and the result will be more elegant and warm.

Shearling jacket + perkins neck sweater + wide jeans + ankle boots

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The shearling jacket is one of the key pieces that cannot be missing from your winter wardrobe. They are super warm, they give the outfit a roll and you can combine them in a thousand different ways.

Masculine cut coat + maxi scarf + high boots

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Small details such as accessories can make a difference both in style and in being warm. A good scarf protects from the cold and makes the outfit very stylish.

Long woolen coat + shirt + skirt with stockings + rubber boots

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The key is to get a good wool coat. They are super warm and have a unique elegance. For its part, in the lower part of the set it is essential that the boots are high to protect the legs as much as possible from the cold.

Sherpa jacket + wide turtleneck sweater + jeans + high top Converse + knit hat

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From this style we could not get a 'but'. It is perfect. The wide turtleneck sweater is one of the best options to wear on days with the lowest temperatures and the detail of the high-top Converse and the knitted hat not only look great, but also make you better face the cold.

Oversize puffer jacket + turtleneck sweater + jeans + trainers

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The key is in the feathers. The set can be a normal outfit, but a good down jacket (and more if it is oversize) can make you not spend a bit of cold with the position.

Shearling vest + mini dress + thick tights + ankle boots

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Short dresses in winter? Yes, but always with a good warm vest like the one in the photograph and with thick socks so that the cold does not pose any problem.

Wide wool sweater + straight jeans + sneakers

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Okay, maybe that's too cool, but you just need to add a good coat. The crux of the matter in this set falls on the sweater, since wool is one of the fabrics that best conserves heat.

Blazer + short dress + stockings + high leather boots

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In this outfit the same thing happens as in the previous one, the coat is missing. In this option we would resort to a long coat (wool if possible) and that would be it. But what we want to say is that a good option to wear dresses and feel warmer is to combine them with a jacket and high boots.

Oversize coat + basic T-shirt + full-length dress pants + trainers

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Thus it is impossible for the cold to reach our skin. Everything is completely covered. Also, if you don't have any of these garments in your wardrobe, you should run for it, because they are pure trend.

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The style tricks that Berliners teach us to look warm and stylish
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