Maya Hansen: "We have to be aware of the amount of clothing we have in the cabinets and consider whether it is worth it"

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Spanish fashion is in luck.It starts one of the most special weeks for this magnificent sector with the 73rd edition of the Fashion Week in Madrid, which will take place from April 8 to 11.During this appointment we will know the trends for the autumn/winter season 2021-2022 and we will live the return of one of the most transgressive and promising designers in our country, which is also one of those in charge of giving the "starting gun" to thisEvent: Maya Hansen.

As in the edition of last September, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) will have a hybrid format in which we will enjoy parades on the catwalk and presentations in the most innovative formats and adapted to the pandemic situation.


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Maya Hansen debuted for the first time in the MBFW in 2010 and, since then, has managedCelebrities like Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Cindy Crawford or Kate Upton have been ambassadors of their designs.

This 2021 the designer returns to the catwalk to present ‘Classic Fethish’, a collection that refers to sensuality and the approach in contrast to the diffuse reality that we live.We have had the opportunity to talk to her hours before her parade, which will take place on Thursday, April 8 at 18.30h in IFEMA and to which the champagne g.H.Mumm will join more desire than ever to support the world of fashion and especially Maya Hansen, providing for the success of his new proposal.

He tells us where his passion for fashion comes from, he talks about his career (from his beginnings to today), he advances exclusively details about his last work as well as what we will see on the catwalk, and the truth is that everything points toThat will be one of the most special proposals of the fashion week that will merge fashion, music, performing arts and a fashion film directed by Andrés Jim.

Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to fashion?

I always wanted to do something artistic, and the truth is that coming from a creative family, it was not complicated.I made admission to Fine Arts, but finally I realized that it was much easier for me to work with textiles.

How were your beginnings in this sector?

Maya Hansen:

They were not simple.I started with a very small project and selling friends and acquaintances.A rock group noticed my work and hired me for a large project designing the costume of their tour.This gave me an economic stability for a few months that allowed me to leave my "work" and be able to dedicate myself completely to my brand.

How would you define yourself as a person?And as a designer?

As a person, I have evolved over time.Aesthetically I come from a dark youth, dark and at the same time from the use of bright colors.I think this is reflected in my designs, I am lover of contrasts.Over time I am becoming more mature, and calm, but I have always had a somewhat rebellious and very feminine spirit.I do not conceive of my designs from my personality, the clothes I make is author's fashion, clearly.

You return to the fashion week.On this occasion you present on the catwalk your new collection ‘Classic Fethish’, what does this new release mean for you?

For me it is a new opportunity to communicate from what I always considered my house, Ifema, even if it is not at the best moment.It is great to be able to return to the MBFWM after a couple of editions making the parades out of Ifema.There is a very good energy there now.The entire team and organization are completely overturned in making an edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that is really powerful.

What do you want to convey with this new collection?

We return to the essence of the corset, but from an exquisite point of view, very extreme, but calmer.We mix very extreme chorseter pieces with garments such as white potpellin shirts, wool coats, contributing new style ideas.The idea is to incorporate the corset into a more urban look.

Where does the name of ‘Classic Fethish’ come from?

Of the contrast between the most classic tailoring and the garments with futuristic and fetish touch in vinyl or plastic tissues.

How has the current pandemic situation for your creations inspired you?

Much.It has been a hard but very inspiring moment.It was months in which I have approached many customers of the brand that had followed us for many years and that have always supported us a lot.


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One of your most characteristic designs is corset as a synonym for female sensuality.Will we see these garments in the parade next April 8 at the Fashion Week in Madrid?

Yes, you will see many.Corsets type zipper below the chest, to combine with shirts underneath, and some of our classic corsets foamized and with new designs.

What other types of garments, colors or figures form ‘Classic Fethish?

Wide dressing pants, fluid coats, XXL shirts, high boots in Ecopiel that we have manufactured in collaboration with the Miamicci brand, ultra plastic futuristic masks ... a very marked but elegant aesthetic.

Among all the designs of ‘Classic Fethish’, is there any that you consider more special to you?Why?

I like all the looks, but there is a corset made in translucent plastic cut to laser that is a delight.Also a red plastic bra that I will take the day of the parade myself.

What would you say that it is the design of this collection that has led you more hours in the ‘Ateliers’?How many hours are we talking?

The transparent corset, only in patterns digitalization can take a whole day.Then there is the laser cutting process, riveted with eyelets, fornitures, knotted ... are several days of work.

Could you briefly tell us what is the process of creating a design?

The first thing is the idea.Sometimes it goes alone and it is very easy to materialize it, sometimes you have to start from scratch.Then some first patterns are made, with a fabric in mind, test or toiles are done.Once tested, relevant corrections are made and then you can start riding the final garment.You have to finally think about the total look, what garments they combine better with others, the color...

A year ago, in full confinement, you were from the first Spanish designers to create your own masks (which, by the way, we already find them in all colors and in different designs).These "new accessories" have become the essential complement to protect us from the coronavirus and protect others.Will we also find them in your new collection?

Yes, in my new collection the models will carry plastic visions, as a more avant -garde touch, but there will be an performance of a group of dancers who will carry four new designs.

Speaking of accessories, the Biliana Burissova hat, winner of a Goya and collaborator of your signature, has also worked in this collection.Could you tell us any detail of your proposal?

Biliana has made one of the most beautiful looks on the catwalk, a huge transparent pamela that will close the parade.

This special presentation on the catwalk, in collaboration with the champagne G.H.Mumm, supposes for you a new beginning.What do you expect from this stage?

For me and for many designers I think it is a turning point in our races and hopefully it is fruitful and that we are gradually returning to the rhythm and recovering the strength and brightness that Spanish fashion has.

The fashion sector has been reinvented.Where do you think it will evolve?

Without a doubt towards the basic accessories and garments on the one hand, and towards the crafts and the Slow Fashion for another.We have to be aware of the amount of clothing we have in the cabinets and consider whether it is worth it.Our clients are happy because we create garments that are for a lifetime, made to measure, with love and dedication.For us it is important to meet the person who will use each of our corsets, it does not serve us with a size number and that is why we always give personalized attention.Evolving towards sustainable fashion and responsible consumption is the path we have chosen.

Maya Hansen: "We have to be aware of the amount of clothing we have in the cabinets and consider whether it is worth it"
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