ABC Seville Boulevard Sur Valentín 2021: What gift to do it?More in lifestyle five accessories to keep your live plants even if you are beginner south boulevard

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Cómo (y dónde) puedes realizar un buen entrenamiento para ponerte en forma

El 14 de febrero de 2021 se celebra San Valentín. El primer San Valentín que viviremos en pandemia y que ha cogido a muchas parejas en una situación complicada. Algunas se han visto separadas por las restricciones y confinamiento, otras han vivido juntos una de las situaciones más surrealistas jamás imaginadas. Es tan bueno como mal momento para el amor, por eso mismo ¿por qué no dejarse llevar por esta fiesta y celebrarlo (si lo tienes)?ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur San Valentín 2021: ¿Qué regalo hacerle a ella? Más en Estilo de vida Cinco accesorios para mantener tus plantas vivas aunque seas principiante Bulevar Sur ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur San Valentín 2021: ¿Qué regalo hacerle a ella? Más en Estilo de vida Cinco accesorios para mantener tus plantas vivas aunque seas principiante Bulevar Sur

South Boulevard compiles some ideas gift ideas ideal for them.Friend, sister, girlfriend or wife.Even if you want to make you an self -register you should keep reading to inspire you.Before making any gift (and more like this that is a demonstration of love) thinks about it: its tastes, its hobbies, its concerns and try to surprise it with something that touches your heart.

Valentine's gifts for them

Flee from the typical bouquet of flowers

Maybe you have already given some or not look like original enough.We have the solution and it is called blooming.This initiative of some Andalusian flower farmers has been a pioneer in our country by bringing us the Do It Yourself (do it yourself) of floral art.Choose one of your Valentine's Packs - or create a customized one with the flowers you want or know you like - to get home a box with fresh flowers from the greenhouse from the greenhouse.You can follow the instructions to live a total creative experience, several branches or floral centers will come out of that box to your liking.

A special and different cake

Cream of cream and strawberries of Aquarela Cakes.Among all the offer of this worker of delicate tastes, we opt for this Victorian Sponge Cake inspired by the English tea classrooms."Our delicious cream cake with fresh strawberries is spring, refreshing, delicious and with a little point of romanticism," they explain.It has a unique size of 6 portions and you can choose between different toppers (tart ornament with a phrase or message).

Y los bombones…

One of the classic gifts in Valentine's are the chocolates.If you are going to do it, do it with a twist.Look for a brand like the Cadiz Pancracio that creates true delicious snacks such as rocks (there are black, white or milk chocolate).Or choose a can like the Paris (the city of love) with bikes Lindor that has Lindt.

A romantic makeup collection

ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur San Valentín 2021: ¿Qué regalo hacerle a ella? Más en Estilo de vida Cinco accesorios para mantener tus plantas vivas aunque seas principiante Bulevar Sur

If your girlfriend or your best friend or you feel that you deserve a whim of the makeup section do not miss the novelties of Kiko Milano.This brand offers you the possibility of 100% hit with its Ray of Love collection.Choose among your lipsticks, gloss, shadow pallets, blush, brushes, etc..All, yes, with the red color and hearts in its design and packaging.The glow and brightness mark the essence of this perfect collection to celebrate love.Tip: With the red lipstick there is no way to make mistakes.

Sweet snacks full of love

Anyone who you want is crazy with sweets?You can make Valentine's celebration in the sweetest way with the pack that Wonkandy has created.It is an assorted pack of its most romantic clouds and jellywoman, all gluten -free and lactose.In it, you will find the red wonkandy s (500 g), half gallon I love you (300 g), bottle 0.5L love (375 g) and gallon room I love you (300 g).In addition to this pack of 30 euros, they have a more economical option and the possibility of buying and sending the Valentine's products independently.

A jewel with meaning

Our new way of buying seeks those brands or companies that support the local economy and sustainability.Signatures that bet on creativity giving us that extra exclusivity or limited editions that move us away from the mass.We look for the special.And we have found it in the timeless and sentimental pendants of Alhaja.They design and manufacture entirely in Spain, where they find the inspiration that they transfer to the rest of the world with their 24K gold bathed.Our Valentine's selection 2021 is that of the beautiful pendant and that of the Sacre Coeur pendant.

A unique cocktail

Surprise the person you love most with a very special cocktail on Valentine's Day.Red is the color of love and romanticism That is why it is time to test the Sevillian gin Obsession Red.It has a base of red fruits, cherry and lime destined for the most risky palateorange.

A romantic illustration

You may not be so much to tell him as much as you should, but what if the illustrator Little manages to capture your feelings 100%?The simple and direct style of him conquers with his ceramic pieces, his book, his iconic strips ... but this time, we recommend your sheets that are small works of art to decorate any corner of the home and with which to surprise who you want the most.

Where did you meet?What place marked a before and after in your life?The best stories should always be remembered and what if you do it in the form of a poster?The most special day constellations that your relationship has marked, for example, they can be a beautiful Valentine's gift for her and for him.You can do it at The Unique poster.


Valentine's Day Gifts 2021: Ideas for them

And ... lingerie

Lingerie is a classic among couples.If you have enough confidence for this gift, it can be something very special and sensual.As usual, lingerie firms launch collections or selections designed for Valentine.They usually combine a sexy point, with lace, strips, transparencies and red and black colors mainly.Think of her and her tastes and choose with which she will feel beautiful and with self -confidence.The red set is from Intimissimi and Etam's black.

A fun detail

If you are from couples who do not want to make gifts in Valentine's Day, but this year you want to surprise you with a fun detail ... Why not some socks like these?The well -known brand of striking socks Jimmy Lion has launched a valentine collection with designs for lovers.Now the socks are taught because they have unique prints, special drawings ... They talk about you like the rest of your clothes.Why not also teach your love?

This T -shirt of Cayro's new collection sends a direct message to whom he receives it.You think about her and her gaze ... They use the lyrics of one of the songs of the successful Rosalia to connect with the youngest and her sports style and current.A basic shirt that you can use with all kinds of looks and every time you carry it, you will remember you.

Tell your own story

If you are a lover of crafts, for not making an album yourself?Scrapbooking is upwards, but maybe not for everyone.If you are not one of those who cuts, sticks, search, etc., yours is Cheerz.The app allows you to create an album with which to relive your love story through photos, phrases, etc..His Valentine's collection includes album, magnets, photo boxes ... The good thing about this idea is that he enjoys who receives it (because it is a sentimental detail) and also who does it during the process of recalling all the stories and happy moments together.

Beauty care

If your partner or the person you want to give a gift is a lover of beauty care ... take the opportunity!You have many possibilities, from gossiping your cosmetics in case you have any to spend until you remember that conversation in which you mentioned the treatment you would like to try.There are some with whom you would not be wrong, for example, the novel timber or a unique ritual such as Laura Arévalo (relaxing bath + body exfoliation + body massage with oils) in her maison of the beauté ecological.Surely in her trust clinic you can get a gift card so that she chooses her ideal treatment for this moment (Botox, vitamins, peeling, Creolipolysis, laser, hyaluronic acid in lips, dark circles ...).

How much is missing to see us?

You are one of the couples separated by Covid-19.If you live in different cities or each at home and these restrictions have limited more than ever your time together ... Why not give it a red and romantic watch to count the hours to see you?This new swatch model is a fun and flirtatious option.

ABC Seville Boulevard Sur Valentín 2021: What gift to do it?More in lifestyle five accessories to keep your live plants even if you are beginner south boulevard
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