Ideas to combine headbands with your hairstyles

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To complement an outfit, the best allies have always been and will be accessories. From bags to jewelry, these pieces play a super important role in giving character to a look and expressing your personality one hundred percent, but hair is not far behind, as several firms have given us unique accessories with impetuous and impetuous designs. innovators who are willing to conquer your hair.

At some point in your life you came to wear a headband, and although we know that its use was to have a simple hairstyle in a matter of minutes, for this year it is one of the elements that you will see a lot in street style.

If what you want is to take headbands to the second level, here at De Última we will give you all the details so you can take advantage of one of the hottest trends for spring.

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a simple look

Although the creativity to have a good hairstyle has been faced with teleworking, headbands can be a great ally to see yourself groomed without the need to spend hours in front of the mirror.

As long as you pick up your hair with a well-done ponytail or braid and add a headband to your look, you're on the other side.

Inspiration from times gone by

The good thing about using your imagination when you experiment with a new look is the ability you get to create a style that you like or that you can also inspire other people to have a very cool result.

Although to have a very Greek look you have to resort to garments with a very minimalist and romantic cut, the hair can be loose while you accompany it with a headband that can hold part of your hair so that everything stays in its place.

with jewels

One of the points offered by headbands is that they can be decorated with rhinestones and give your look a more glam touch, because although it may not seem like it, headbands are eternal companions so that your hair looks incredible.

Dare to wear these headbands in your day to day or to your workplace when the pandemic allows it.

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at a formal event

Although formal events are on pause at the moment, you never know when you need to have a headband that is your best friend to give your look a more cosmopolitan air.

In this type of event it is normal for many to use hair accessories such as panelas or donuts made of fabrics such as velvet, but betting on a headband is something you can do to give your look that headband that even Blair Waldorf would wear this year.

Ideas to combine headbands with your hairstyles
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