Ternua Workwear, the new brand of technical and sustainable workwear for committed companies

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Careful design and high manufacturing quality combined with respect for the environment through sustainable materials and processes.

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Ternua Group, the textile company specializing in outdoor and fashion, launches Ternua Workwear, a new brand of technical and sustainable workwear, innovative at European level, aimed at committed companies that have the desire to protect the planet and their employees, while taking care of their corporate image and presence. Its offer includes textiles and accessories distributed in two lines: 'Outdoors' and 'High visibility', designed under parameters of sustainable innovation, using fabrics and treatments with high technical performance and respect for the environment.

They are highly technical garments designed, above all, for workers who are continuously exposed to the open air. It is a highly technical range of textiles and accessories designed, above all, for workers who are continuously exposed to the open air. . Its know-how accumulated over the years in product development for the outdoor brands Ternua and Lorpen, also belonging to the Group, and its ability to innovate with its own technologies, guarantees the potential of the brand. "Our experience as manufacturers of outdoor clothing gives us the legitimacy to be able to design and manufacture garments for work use with the same detail, quality and demand that we have always done", they affirm from the brand, and continue "our garments are designed for professionals who value the sustainable origin of the materials and the reliability of the company as a supplier. Our spirit is to be the brand that accompanies people who are exposed in their day-to-day work abroad.”

Ternua Workwear thus becomes the fifth own brand of the Ternua Group. With local production, divided between the factory that the company has in Etxalar, which has been provided with new technical and human resources, and a careful selection of manufacturers located nearby, the brand designs and prototypes digitally with advanced software solutions 3D. This technology makes it possible to maximize sustainability during the development of the garments, since prototypes and samples are eliminated, in addition to facilitating and accelerating the processes of customization and adaptation of the design to the needs of the clients.

Two lines, own technology and 100% commitment criteria

The Ternua Workwear collection is going to be distributed in two lines: 'Outdoors' and 'High visibility'. Both will include outer garments (jackets and vests), second layers (polar fleece linings), first layers (polo shirts and t-shirts) and pants, to which are added accessories such as inner garments (t-shirts and thermal pants) and technical socks. Ternua Workwear has incorporated into these products technology developed in the group's own R&D department, which provides garments with qualities such as breathability, waterproofing, freedom of movement, lightness or insulation. The entire Ternua workwear collection is made in compliance with the 100% commitment criterion. As a detail, 90% of the materials used in the garments are recycled and, except for a part of the pants that contain elastane, they are recyclable. Likewise, both the water-repellent treatments and the membranes are PFC-free, that is, they are free of substances that are harmful to nature, and all the fabrics used are Bluesign or Oeko-tex certified.

Aitor Barinaga (left), head of the brand, and Edu Uribesalgo (right), director of R&D at Ternua Group.

B2B digital trading platform

Ternua Workwear will be available for sale through a digital B2B commercial platform designed and developed ad hoc to facilitate the configuration of garments and their customization by customers. In turn, the platform will be an agile and dynamic commercial tool for the network of agents and dealers with whom the brand works, offering a service with a 48-hour stock product and, for custom developments, a period ranging from 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the volume and characteristics of the garments.

Ternua Workwear, the new brand of technical and sustainable workwear for committed companies
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