The winter manicure that combines with everything is what Lucía Pombo carried the day they asked for marriage

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Marta Lozano, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo and now Lucía Pombo.2022 will be the year of the Weddings of the influencers because María Pombo's older sister has just announced that she will marry Álvaro López Huerta, her couple for several years and with whom she has spent this Christmas as a family.And it has been precisely during the last escape to the snow where that momentazo of the request has emerged (with a ring included) and for which Lucía Pombo opted a nail color that she combines with everything.


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While her sister María Pombo has released Rosa Glitter (work of the Madrid manicure hall Maison de Beauté, which Lucia also usually goes), the pilot presumed snow -colored manicure during her trip to the mountain to ski.And, eye, that could not be more appropriate for the occasion: with the white color it never fails.

Although it is more typical of the summer months (because the brunette highlights a fresh appearance), the white nail lacquer is perfect for any occasion: it combines with everything and is very elegant.Of course, it is quite striking, but that is why we have not stopped looking at the request ring: an elegant ring that reminds of what Prince Harry gave Kate Middleton to ask for marriage.

La manicura de invierno que combina con todo es la que llevaba Lucía Pombo el día que le pidieron matrimonio

"Habemus wedding !! 😍😍. There is no video of the moment, nor is there a super romantic history behind!In the afternoon, when he arrived at the hotel, in ski clothes, with a fallen bun and crossed out the ski day, Alvaro sat with me to enjoy the views we had from the room, which were spectacular. Suddenly the song soundedLucia sung by Rosario and Álvaro was armed with courage 😍😍 My answer sincerely was not a story 😂 I didn't cry, I didn't shout with emotion, I didn't get an exciting one !! I got hugging and asking him ... and now what do we do?❤️❤️ I get married with my best life partner. I don't know if I deserve so much luck, "said María Pombo's sister on her Instagram account.Congratulations, couple!

The winter manicure that combines with everything is what Lucía Pombo carried the day they asked for marriage
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