IUANGO owner asks EPM accounts

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The Ituango Hydroelectric Society, and as such the ‘Patroness’ of EPM in the energy project that bears the same name, broke the silence he had observed in relation to the controversy for the possible exit of the constructor consortium of this megaobra.

In a letter labeled with the reference of “Early Alert -Boomt Obligations and Environmental License Administration”, the Manager of the Company, Javier Darío Toro, tells the EPM manager, Jorge Andrés Carrillo, who ifThey will generate economic damages due to the current situation - where factors such as the imminent change of the CCC IUANGO CONTRACTORY CONSORT are mixed, the alleged intention of departure from the Inter -American Bank for the Development of the Project and difficulties with the environmental license -, she must assume theCosts incurred.

The majority owners of Hidroituango are the Government of Antioquia and the idea, so it is clear that this position is endorsed by Governor Aníbal Gaviria, leaving even more evidence.

Dueño de Ituango le pide cuentas a EPM

Also, at the close of this edition the result of a meeting that began at 4:30 p was not yet known.m.in which EPM supposedly wanted CCC Ituango to indicate a possible replacement to complete the missing works.

However, the previous position of the consortium was that he would not give up the contract would not be candidate for anyone to relieve it.Sources from the Public Services conglomerate advanced that they will probably announce today the conclusions of the meeting.

However, in the morning, at a press conference, Mayor Daniel Quintero gave stities of what would be a proposal that would be ventilated in the appointment: that CCC Ituango admits in advance take a step to the side with respect to the contract that expiresOn December 31 to be able to make a splicing with its replacement, in order not to generate delays in the plan to start generating energy in the mid -2022.

If not accepting the assignment, said the president, would begin a bidding process and in that case, he said that he would ask CC Ituango to continue until March or next April, while this process is specified, in order not to produce setbacks in the timeline.

"These contractors responsible for Hidroituango, already sanctioned in the first instance, declared insolvency, but additionally they are waiting for a second instance ruling that would disable them to be able to execute the project," he added, referring to the sanction that recently issued the Comptroller's OfficeGeneral of the Republic against 26 companies and people for the alleged detriment of 4.3 billion pesos for the cost overruns until now in Hidroituango.

The representative of CCC Ituango, Santiago García, told El Colombiano before the meeting that "we have not analyzed that option".

IUANGO owner asks EPM accounts
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